Enigma TV

Telewizja na żywo w Apple TV

Wszechstronny klient STB dla OpenWebIF. Dzięki tej aplikacji i tunerowi satelitarnemu i kablowemu z oprogramowaniem Enigma (Vu+ itp.) możesz zbudować oparty o chmurę, spersonalizowany multiroom z timeshift i innymi udogodnieniami.

Beautiful Live TV experience

Works with any receiver supporting OpenWebIF interface. TimeShift, Recordings, FullEPG, Movie database, Posters, CI+ comp. and DVB-S/T/C.

Make your our perfect TV watching solution! This App provides great and easy to use interface for any OpenWebIF enabled TV Tuner (such as VU+ series). Watch cable, terrestrial and satellite television on Your AppleTV. Manage Your recordings, Use full EPG, check additional info about movies and series, including posters, use time shift feature (on AppleTV) to stop and rewind live tv and recordings. Best solution for cord-cutters.


This app allows to watch TV stream from Cable/Satelite/Terrestrial Receivers. Prior to running this app You need to setup receiver with OpenWebIF. Most of them are extremely configurable, so You can have up to 6 tuners, which allow You to create massive multi-room environments or record up to 6 channels simultaneously.

App Usage

After successful configuration You can press Menu button to access Bouquets listings and options. Channel lists (bouquets) are downloaded directly from STB OpenWebIF API. After choosing one of the bouquets, You can browse FULL EPG of selected channels, and manage recordings of future events.

Watching TV

During TV Watching you can use following gestures:

  • Swipe left/right - switching between channels in the bouquet.
  • Swipe up - showing current info program info. If time shift is enabled, in this view You can swipe left/right to move inside recording.
  • Press Play/Pause - stopping stream
  • Press Menu - going to EPG
  • Press Home - exiting app


Our pricing is based on subscription model.

Monthly Subscription
1.99$ / monthly


Terms of Use
Privacy Policy


  • Timeshift recording on Apple devices
  • Recordings management
  • AirPlay support
  • Cloud based playback controll (can be separate on each Apple TV device)
  • Open Movie Database integration (posters and additional info about shows and movies)
  • Autoconfiguration


If your stb supports more than one simultaneous stream at the moment (most of enigma based tuners does), You can build great multiroom system with this app.